Civilians, police, firefighters stop attempted suicide on Pasadena bridge

August 08, 2012

Two civilians joined Pasadena police officers and firefighters in stopping an attempted suicide on the Colorado Street Bridge Monday night, authorities said.

A woman was driving across the bridge at about 11 p.m. when she saw a 37-year-old Latino man from Los Angeles hanging on the outside of the wrought iron railing. She got out of her car and started talking to him while she dialed 911, according to the Pasadena Police Department.

Another witness, who was walking on the bridge, also stopped and grabbed one of man's wrists.

When Pasadena Police Sgt. Roger Roldan and officers Steven Rappuchi and Jose Calderon arrived they grabbed the man, securing him to the fence using climbing rope and gear until the Pasadena Fire Department arrived.

Firefighters removed the fence panel and the attempted jumper was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Authorities said the drop from the bridge is about 300 feet.

-- Adolfo Flores, Times Community News

Twitter: @AdolfoFlores3

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